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Equinox p2 Status

This page captures interesting changes each week to the Equinox provisioning effort going on in the Equinox incubator.

Note: Status updates are now provides in the minutes of Equinox/p2/Meetings

Week of 20080310

  • Integration of SAT4J
  • Bug fixing in Mac builds
  • Working on getting SDK tests running on p2

Week of 20080303

  • Integrated into the Eclipse SDK (yay!)
  • Refining support for dropins, different shapes in dropins
  • Repository refresh API
  • Repository event API
  • Support for adding folders and update sites

Week of 20080224

  • Moved graduated p2 bundles to new Equinox CVS Structure
  • Moved p2 bugs to new Equinox p2 bugzilla component
  • Complete review of metadata formats, namespaces, ids
  • Switched groups and fragments to be identified via properties rather than capabilities
  • Testing and bug fixing on dropins and update site compatibility support

Week of 20080217

  • New install registry format
  • Support for hiding UM UI contributions when p2 is installed
  • Support for building the Eclipse SDK using p2
  • Ongoing work on moving to SAT4J resolver
  • Some refactoring/deletion of small bundles
  • Refining mirror support

Week of 20080211

  • Rename of API packages to internal.provisional
  • Multi-threaded downloads
  • Mirror support

Week of 20080107

  • John is testing this week
  • UI performance
    • lazy repo loading by all UI model elements
    • end user UI gets summary repo info from manager and fetches rest in background
    • tweak UI queryable interfaces to avoid reaching for repo or profile too often
  • Finished up compression of metadata and artifact repository content
  • Finished up lazily populating and flushing profile/install registry
  • Investigating signature verification, checking certificate trust
  • Investigating local caching of metadata repositories

Week of 20071231

  • Reducing retained memory footprint
    • Released changes in artifact repository manager and install registry to do lazy loading and soft references.
    • Released changes in UI to avoid retaining references to Profile and repository objects (mainly admin UI).
  • Making progress on support for interacting with legacy update sites
  • Adding support for compression of metadata repositories
  • Metadata API cleanup, addition of factory methods and singletons to reduce duplication
  • Bug fixing
  • UI performance
    • All model elements now reference profile id's, not profile instances
    • Sizing phase run in the background for install dialog

Week of 20071210

  • Prepared M4 deliverable

Week of 20071203

  • Dave is testing this week using Equinox p2 tests
  • UI
    • move all profile modification dialogs to wizards and use update manager wizard graphics
    • license UI and simple hook for remembering licenses
    • UI for revert in the end user UI

Week of 20071126

  • Susan is testing this week
  • Support for update site categories
  • Profiling and optimization of memory usage
  • UI - "remind me later" options for automatic updating

Week of 20071119

  • Andrew O is testing this week
  • Investigating SAT-solvers to replace director resolution algorithm
  • New IQueryable API and implementation
  • Various API cleanup
  • Working on garbage collection
  • Review/pruning of 1.0 plan
  • Improved sorting/grouping of IUs in end user UI
  • Bundle pool as real artifact repository
  • Implementation work on directory watcher
  • UI defines most viewer content in terms of queries

Week of 20071112

  • Pascal is testing this week
  • UI work on Available IU presentation/navigation
    • sorting, duplicates, categories
    • investigating using IQueryable for client definition of content providers (groups, categories, etc.)
  • Initial work on artifact GC
  • Exploration with pseudo boolean SAT solver. Discussion with SAT4J community.
  • API cleanup.
  • New query API.

Week of 20071105

Week of 20071129

  • Prepared M3 deliverable

Week of 20071015

  • Refinement on the questions Equinox Provisioning Plan#Questions for M3.
  • Patch prototyping the governor to restart the discussion in that space.
  • Work on the 3.4 feature list to be circulated among us next week.
  • Support for cross-platform provisioning from a single repository
  • Finished removal of dependency on Javascript
  • Support for running generator against update site
  • Refinement of UI workflows
  • Artifact repository optimizer for supporting pack200

Week of 20071008

  • Simple SWT-based installer
  • Overhaul of director/planner API and implementation
  • Provisioning symposium at Eclipse Summit Europe 2007
  • Working on replacement for Javascript in the Engine
  • Working on replacement for XStream

Week of 20071001

  • Renamed bundles and packages from org.eclipse.equinox.prov.* to org.eclipse.equinox.p2.*
  • Overhaul of artifact/metadata repository API
  • New director API to decouple director from engine and allow introspection
  • Discussion and rethinking of entry-point concept

Week of 20070924

Week of 20070917

  • Resolved remaining issues with absolute paths
  • Prepared M2 deliverable (agent, and metadata/artifacts for Eclipse SDK 3.4 M2)

Week of 20070910

  • Separation of properties views in admin and end-user UI
  • UI support for update from admin and end-user UI

Week of 20070903

  • UI support for colocated repositories
  • UI uses install oracle to prequalify an install
  • Branding of eclipse.ini/eclipse.exe files
  • Generate proper metadata and artifacts for a JRE
  • Investigation of running p2 in a Foundation 1.1 environment
  • Review and cleanup of artifact/metadata repository APIs
  • UI generates entry point IU's on install

Week of 20070827

Week of 20070820

  • Better error reporting for unsatisfied dependencies from director
  • Initial support for rollback
  • Initial detection of update between states and improved computation of operations
  • Initial support for entry points
  • Initial oracle API to allow for filtering of non-installable things
  • Initial UI with end user workflow (incomplete)

Week of 20070813

  • Added support for selectors (see bug 200104 for details)
  • Discussion on role of the director on equinox-dev
  • Discussion on the [role of the engine]
  • Discussion and implementation of post-processing of downloaded artifacts (see [ bug 197644 for details)
  • Support for keeping track of the resolved state of IUs
  • Support for multiple versions and singletons in the dependency expander
  • Discussions of update/install UI workflows from other RCP apps
  • Refactor UI plug-ins to separate common code, end-user UI, and admin UI.

Week of 20070806

  • Added automated director tests
  • Released support for platform filters
  • Improved progress reporting and cancelation
  • Design discussions on support for shared installs
  • Prepared and release Provisioning M1a containing Eclipse SDK 3.4 M1

Week of 20070730

  • Created build scripts for building provisioning metadata and agent
  • Prepared and released Equinox p2 M1

Week of 20070723

  • Created administrator RCP application (agent UI)
  • Created UI views for browsing and manipulating metadata repositories, artifact repositories, and install profiles

Week of 20070716

  • Investigation on hooking the metadata generation in the SDK build
  • Refactor closure computation of director into a specific class
  • Implement a new algorithm for the closure computation, however recommendations have not been moved there
  • More work on the uninstall for optional IUs
  • MetadataHelper replaced with query facility
  • Initial commit of the UI work
  • Setup build infrastructure
  • Wrap MD generator in ant task

Week of 20070709

Week of 20070702

  • Combined IDependency and RequiredCapability into one interface
  • Refactored NameBasedDependency and FilterBasedDependency into RequiredCapability objects
  • Fixed various bugs with filters on RequiredCapability, and added filtering JUnit tests
  • Implemented full translation of version ranges into filters

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