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Equinox p2 Meeting Week Jan 14-18 2008

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A number of meetings will be held the week of Jan 14 - 18, 2008 to make DECISIONS about the content of the release. All times listed are in Eastern Standard Time

Participants and times they cannot attend:

  • Dave Stevenson - Tues 11-12:30 EST; Wed 2-3
  • Pascal Rapicault - Tues 8h - 12h EST
  • John Arthorne Wed 2:30-6
  • Scott Lewis - Wed 11am-2pm PT (2pm-5pm EST)

Schedule of topics and meetings


Update manager compatibility

When: Monday 1:30-2:30

Who: Simon, DJ, Dave S, John, Pascal


  • where are we?
  • what are we missing?
  • links folder, extensions folder, policy files
  • install handlers


When: Tuesday 2:30-4:30

Who: Darin, Susan, John, Pascal


  • UI Workflows
  • Change to pde ui code
  • Relation PDE / update
  • p2 target provisioner
  • Feature selfhosting replacement
  • Do we keep features
  • editor work


  • Authoring tooling
    • Editors
      • Need to maintain editors for old stuff: update sites, features, etc
      • Do we need an editor for authoring IUs directly? No. People will continue to author features, etc, and we will generate the p2 metadata behind the scenes.
      • Not clear what changes are needed in product editor. Perhaps a flag/checkbox to specify whether p2 or UM is being used. Also a way to set the start level of bundles.
    • Repositories
    • Should we have tooling in PDE for browsing/publishing to remote repositories? No.
  • Publishing
    • Nice to have, but probably not for 1.0
  • Target provisioner
    • Currently there can only be one active target platform. Would like to evolve to support multiple active target platforms
    • We will add a p2 target provisioner that can take things from a p2 repository, and fetch the IUs selected by the user.
  • Launch tooling
  • Compatibility
  • Build
    • Need to be able to publish/export in either new format or old format
  • Suppose I deploy an application that is entirely "new school". It contains no features, only IUs. Someone wants to author a feature that depends on a group in this new school application. How can the user specify this dependency in the feature editor? Currently this is broken in a p2-provisioned Eclipse SDK.

Shape of eclipse

When: Monday 4:30-

Who: Jeff, Susan, Simon, DJ, Andrew N, John, Pascal


  • We will keep the old all-in-one zip downloads. No configuration: unzip and run.
  • We will continue to ship the same feature.xmls for the SDK
    • Zip layout is same as Eclipse 3.3, plus p2 stuff:
- eclipse/
 - eclipse.exe
 - plugins/
 - features/
 - p2/
  • Is all the p2 metadata pre-configured or generated on first startup?
    • bundles.txt, profile/install registry, bundle pool
    • Easiest solution is that nothing gets automatically spoofed up on startup. Packagers/builders must invoke the "p2-izer" to prepare their zips
  • installer
  • how many agents
  • p2-ization, when, what for, what from
  • Handling of multiple installation
  • Support for Vista


User interaction scenarios

When: Tuesday 9:30-12:00

Who: Susan, Tim M, John, Pascal


  • Support for drag & drop install
  • Prompting for trusted signers, licenses
  • Do we keep the dropins folder concept
  • Do we keep the UI to add extension locations?
  • Do we keep the old ui?
  • Verify that all the update manager functionalities are covered in p2
  • Do we want to keep the disable functionality, how do we implement it?
  • UI for drop-ins folder?


When: Tuesday 2-4

Who: Dave, John, Pascal, Jeff


  • Metadata structure for an eclipse application
    • product vs extension.
    • Description of a "base" (to support firefox like model and allow the uninstallation of everything) and its UI terminology
  • shape of new items:
    • update
    • fix pack
    • translation
    • flavor


Shared installs

When: Wednesday 9:30-10:30

Who: Andrew O, Pascal


Ganymede, EPP

When: 10:30-12

Who: Jeff, Thomas H, John, Pascal


  • Installer
  • gany-matic

Download technology

When: Wednesday 1-2

Who: Tim W, Scott, Tim M, Thomas H, John, Pascal, Stefan


  • download manger
  • download manager UI
  • proxy support
  • authentication (basic login/pwd prompting)
  • timestamps
  • mirroring


When: Wednesday 3-4

Who: Andrew N, Andrew O, Pascal


  • What do we build from?
  • What is being produced?
  • Product build
  • Packager



When: Thursday 9-11

Who: Jeff, Susan, John, Pascal


  • how many bundles
  • do we have an API

Plan for SDK integration

When: Thursday 1-3

Who: Jeff, John, Pascal


  • function
  • robustness level

No meeting assigned:

  • Robustness
    • recovery
  • Resolver
  • Fwk admin
    • What do we do with it?
    • Will PDE need to use it?
  • mirroring
  • Repository support
  • Testing

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