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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080407

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  • Andrew Niefer
  • Darin Wright
  • Dave Stevenson
  • DJ Houghton
  • James Miles
  • Jed Anderson
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Susan Franklin
  • Tim Mok



  • need to have strings ready for translation by the end of this week
    • error messages need to be translated
    • don't have to translate things going directly to the log


  • including a new version of ECF
  • had problems including in 3.4 M6 due to mirror replication issues


  • Jed and Tim are contributing code in the update site space
  • have contributed patches on bugs
  • how do we handle these incoming bug reports?
  • Pascal to triage and assign to person most appropriate to to review
  • mark target as 3.4 M7 to draw attention to it

Metadata Generator changes

  • Jeff has been working on refactoring the metadata generator
  • has been integrating incoming changes from generator and update site projects
  • hopes to merge changes soon

Iinitializing the target platform

  • download and extract Eclipse
  • unzip something over top
  • when pointing to that as a target, only the plug-ins in the are in the target
  • Andrew has come across a similar use-case where people have the delta pack in their target
  • Chris has contributed a patch in this area but Darin would like to review it more and make some changes

Touchpoint Commands

  • Andrew has a case where people would like to chmod files inside there bundles
  • problem is that bundles are an Eclipse touchpoint thing and chmod is a Native touchpoint action
  • had originally thought about havng actions which could be called across touchpoints
  • not sure if we have enough time to be able to do this


  • has a feature list and working through it
  • working on filtering
  • problems with tree viewer and deferred contents
  • working on work-flows: able to add sites through less clicks

Director Application

  • update manager had the headless application which would allow people to install from the command-line
  • this would be our director application
  • need to make sure that we support the same functionality that update manager did
  • need to make sure that it works!

Repository Mirroring

  • in the build we do a lot of magic copying of index files around
  • would like to merge site
  • had talked in the past about multiple files
  • need someone to own this problem

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