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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080225


  • Do we want to ship the apache http client in p2?
  • What is left before integration:
    • Renaming bundles.txt?
    • Changing namespaces in MD
    • Adding version to metadata
    • Shape of the features
  • Moving code
  • Changing bug bucket
  • Do we switch ECF now, or do we wait for the EFC I builds?
  • User authentication when connecting to repo, what do we want to do in 1.0?
  • Status on Update UI compatibility and certificates UI


Andrew N Andrew O Darin Dave DJ Jeff John Pascal Simon Susan Tim Mok


  • Aim to start moving into the SDK after this week's I-build
    • Move graduated code to new location Tuesday AM
    • Bugs moved to new bucket tonight
  • Renaming bundles.txt
    • If we do it, it will be done today
  • Using Apache HTTP client
    • Would add roughly 400KB to SDK
    • need to find out the advantages/disadvantages. To discuss with ECF team.
  • Metadata versioning
    • Should we version metadata files at IU level
    • Further discussion in bug report
  • User authentication
    • Need to prompt for username/password when contacting repository that requires login
    • Copy the approach using in CVS - minimally cache passwords in memory, ideally use security key store API
  • Certificate UI
    • Have a simple patch, but doesn't show parent/child relationships
    • Talk to security team - should have same dialog in Help>About.
  • Installing with UM won't work unless you install into an extension location

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