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Equinox Summit 2007

The Eclipse Foundation and the Equinox project team are hosting an Equinox Summit in Ottawa at the Minto Suites Hotel from Sept 25-27, 2007. This event is modeled after and co-located with the very successful CDT summits


We have two full days and there is alot of ground to cover. Broadly speaking we will have sessions that cover the four main areas related of focused work within Equinox

  1. Framework/runtime This includes (but is not limited to): classloading, specification directions, programming models, security, ...
  2. Provisioning The provisioning team has made some very real progress but there is lots left to do.
  3. Server-side More and more people are picking this up and using Equinox on the server. We need to talk about where we are, who is using the technology and how, as well as where to go from here. OSGi Enterprise Expert Group directions, Spring/OSGi, programming models, ... all factor in here.
  4. Tooling Technically speaking the Equinox project does not do tooling but we would be lost without PDE and all the power it brings developers. It is vital that the technologies we talk about creating have a decent chance of being tooled.

So with two days and four topics it seems natural to do a half day on each area. Each session will be kicked off by a few informative (and entertaining?) presentations to seed discussion. Remember, this is NOT a mini-conference. We are here to foster cooperation, interaction and contributions. Expect alot of discussion time and come prepared to present your point of view.

You can add items to the working agenda.


The Eclipse Foundation is kindly sponsoring the event so there is no fee for attending. Please register by sending a mail to Space is limited so preference will be given to the committers and new people looking to contribute to the Equinox project. Writing a short positioning paper outlining your usecases and potential contributions really helps.

Who's coming.

Hotel Info

Minto Suite Hotel, 185 Lyon St. N, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Summit rate is $155/night for a 1 bedroom suite with full kitchen – can get 1 queen bed or 2 double beds. In-suite Internet access is $9.95/day. Free internet access will be available in the conference room during the day.

  • Register on-line, enter your details and put 255015 in the group ID field towards the bottom of the form.
  • Or phone – Call 1-800-267-3377 or 613-232-2200 and give the group reservation number 255015.

The room block deadline is August 20. So book early. There are other hotels in this area of downtown Ottawa if space fills up here.

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