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Equinox Slingshot

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The following are some random thoughts on the path forward for managing components in Eclipse/OSGi.

Existing technologies of interest:

  • Update Manager (of course :-)
  • OSGi Bundle Repository
  • Maven
  • DMS
  • UbiServ

Mechanisms Component management needs some supporting mechanisms that are not currently present in Eclipse/OSGi.

  • overrides - the ability to have a "container" override values in the manifests etc. of the elements it contains.
  • alien configuration managment
  • selectors - the ability to identify particular elements of a list as relevant only in particular scenarios or environments. The Feature os= ws= etc attributes are an example. If the current environment does not match those values then the associated feature element is ignored. This mechanism should be generalized.


  • Translations - Features need translation but they do not support fragments. Further, update is not able to download translations for features prior to the feature being downloaded. This makes sense as the translation of features on sites

- Source management

- provisioning sites - has to be easy to

  • Features - Features are different. We end up with different infrastructure and different ways of expressing dependencies etc. It may be useful to treat everything as a bundle. That is not to say that features go away but rather their implementation merges with bundles.






- Install

- Update

- Remote management

- Build

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