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Equinox Provisioning Naming

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This page is obsolete - the name "p2" has been chosen

As we have been documenting more and discussing the provisioning work with more and more people the fact that we don't really have a name has become quite cumbersome. We have to say things like "With the Equinox provisioning support..." etc. We can't just take the term "provisioning" as we are not the only provisioning game in town (e.g., if we are provisioning, what is Maya?). And even then, "provisioning" is long. We need snappy! Why? 'Cause we are snappy! Before the current effort went public we had a round of discussion on names and, well, there were several suggestions but in the end we essentially decided to be the effort that had no real name to start.

This page has been put in place to capture suggestions from the community for names. Any viable name should have the following characteristics:

  • preferably short
  • easy to pronounce, spell and otherwise communicate
  • be a valid/good package name/bundle name element
  • not have any obvious trademark issues
  • fit into sentences such as "Are you using XXX?", "With XXX you can do ...", "XXX has five ways of ...", "The XXX team is proud to ..." (you get the idea)
  • there are bonus marks for multiple (reasonable) meanings/interpretations


Please add your suggestion here as a definition list item (using : ;) and include in the descriptive text a brief explanation of the name, meaning, interpretation, etc and any particular attributes you wish to point out. Tack your name on the end for posterity sake.

Provisioning Platform, Provisioning 2.0. short, pithy, the number makes it a bit unique, good as a package name (Jeff McAffer)
a mythological symbol for renewal, not too long, unfortunately used very often (Stefan Liebig)
"unfortunately used very often": indeed, and even by another Eclipse project (Todd Williams)
a senior academic administrator, perhaps a bit stuffy though! (Stuart McCulloch)
QuarterMaster, one who specializes in supplying and provisioning (Patrick Dempsey)
The place where bees provision their honey. Note that Maya is also the name of a famous bee ( (Pascal Rapicault)

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