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Equinox Planning

Revision as of 10:15, 12 January 2006 by Dj (Talk | contribs)


Priority items

  • application model
  • adaptor refactoring
  • simple configurator - consolidate platform.cfg files from multiple install/updaters
  • start all by default in simple configurator
  • resolver
    • breakout
    • property matching (requires/provides)
  • file manager packaging
  • runtime clean-up
    • x-internal/friends in refactored runtime
    • run in strict mode/test cases
  • equinox builds/features/downloads
  • patching fragments
  • security
    • credential store
    • JAAS
    • login

Other items

  • server-side OSGi
  • component framework
  • be good OSGi citizens
  • overrides

Declarative Services

  • implement optimizations
  • tooling


Priority items

  • build with pre-built pieces - soon we will have plug-ins given to us in JAR form (ICU4J, SSH2, etc) and we need to be able to build against these
  • features (help, update, ...)
  • jar signing

Other items

  • maven


Priority items

  • resolver

Other items

  • ui
  • pde-build integration
  • update integration
  • pde-ui integration
  • push
  • populate target

Remote Management

  • ui
  • transport (JMX?)
  • ...


  • remove use of "plug-ins dir"
  • secondary classpath
  • import management
  • populate a target via update
  • tools for version management
    • Binary compatibility checker.
    • Version checker to see if the version evolved properly.
    • API inclusion checker (to ensure that all the APIs called are available when running with the lower range).
    • Filtered code assist based on the value in the @since tag and the version specified in the
    • Warm fuzzy feeling checker.
  • named targets
  • service constraints
  • splash info gathered in product and fanned into config.ini
  • "Add to target" button

PDE Build

Priority items

  • new features - there are a lot of new features (and bug reports) that need to be done for M5/M6
  • multiple repositories (CC)
  • predict size of downloads

Other items

  • parallel X build


Priority items

  • alien configs - be able to modify configurations which aren't the currently running one (e.g. remove references to PlatformConfiguration#getDefault)
  • performance and robustness
  • pluggable transports
  • role-based provisioning
  • OBR - OSGi Bundle Repository
  • marketing #
  • simple configurator use
  • minimize dependanices for update configurator
  • update deltas
    • signed JARs
    • mechanism
  • add to site
  • small update application
  • licensing

Other items

  • warm fuzzy tool
  • import package requirements in features
  • maven back-end
  • drag 'n drop install

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