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Equinox Minutes - 20090224


  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Matt F.
  • DJ
  • John
  • Matt P.


  • What are we missing in Security for 3.5, can we do anything for this release?
    • provisional authorization API used to establish trust based on context and content
    • Matt will get a patch in order with some suggested code changes to the provisional authorization API. We will not plan on graduating the API in 3.5
  • Equinox Incubator Move
    • Incubator move has happened, please review the layout is correct.
    • An archive folder was created with all the old stuff.
  • New warnings/errors for unused code
    • Going to need to change errors to warnings for some projects with OSGi code where reflection is used.
  • Galileo Status
    • Need to review our APIs and make sure we get the necessary changes in for M6.
    • FileLocator nl substitution. John will discuss with UI team about possible solutions. May add a new method to do resolution of a uri with an nl substitution.
  • What is next for Equinox after Galileo?
    • Matt, security with scripting. Sandboxing javascript. It is difficult getting traction with security in Java 2. Can we do a better job with sandboxing scripting languages.
    • DS may pick up speed and become more important for doing services.
      • make using it more friendly, perhaps make the equinox code more friendly by using DS.
      • look at injection models.
    • OSGi next is 2 years out
    • Server-side
    • Logging story moving forward.

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