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Equinox Minutes - 20081014

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  • Tom
  • Jeff
  • DJ
  • Simon
  • Matt
  • Oleg
  • Andrew N.
  • Andrew C.
  • John
  • Pascal


OSGi use of array type

Ongoing debate in OSGi on modernizing the API. They are considering using collections. setup for adoption of Java 5. Simplifies some of the coding. OSGi may adopt in the next major rev but not in the near future

  • Using collections now might be future friendly
  • Would require extra JavaDoc to describe the untyuped collections.
  • If we are using Java 5 then this makes more sense.
  • Will review the use of Collections for all new API in Equinox

SimpleConfigurator and interaction with osgi.bundles list

Had a discussion around the exclusive nature of simple configurator and how it can cause conflicts with bundles installed by other parties. In particular we have a case (bug 232191) where the launcher thinks one bundle should be installed but simple configurator thinks the bundle should not be installed. The launcher and simple configurator end up in an endless loop.

Simple configurator does have an option to prevent uninstalls of bundles installed by other parties, but it was decided that enabling this by default is not a good idea because it will limit p2's ability to reason about the system and make accurate decisions when installing IUs.

More investigation is needed to see if we can break out of the endless install/uninstall loop between the boot strap code and simple configurator.


What cool things are happening?

  • OSGi BundleFest going on this week
  • Equinox HackFest at ESE in November.

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