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Equinox Minutes - 20081007


  • Tom
  • Eric
  • DJ
  • Simon
  • Oleg
  • Andrew N.
  • Andrew C.
  • John
  • Pascal


Old Repository Content

A bug 249148 has been opened against Community/CVS to open up write access to Tom to delete the contents from HEAD and add a readme.txt which points people to the new RT repository. Currently working through some issues with modifying the old repository content.

Incubator Move

The process has not been started yet. Pascal and Tom are still tasked with gather the projects that need to move.

Execution Environment Profile discussion

We are adding more information to the execution environments contained within equinox (see bug 240724. Current thinking is to reuse the JDT constant keys for defining things like compliance/source/target options to the compiler. We do not want to define the constants in Equinox because equinox does not consume the content and we do not want to maintain another set of documentation for the same constants.

Handling Inbox Triage

Lots of discussion about the large inflow of p2 bug in the inbox and how to deal with them. There are similar issues in the framework inbox. We need to define a clear set of rules on how to deal with new bugs. Some random thoughts in no particular order

  • Should not be overly caution about assigning bugs to real owners
  • Need rename titles to more useful names. Add [xxx] to the title to give it context (e.g. [engine] if the bug is related to the p2 engine)
  • Can we take turns monitoring the inbox
  • Setting the milestone if we think the bug is real and we intend to look at it for a particular release.


  • Deletion of old repository contents
  • Incubator move
  • Execution Environment profiles
  • How to handle our large bug buckets

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