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Equinox Minutes - 20080930


  • Andrew C
  • Andrew N
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Oleg
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Tom



  • The plan is looking good
  • Team to enter explicit plan bugs for each plan item
  • Each plan bug will have [plan], P4 and the plan keyword
  • Plan to be updated with the various new bugs etc.

Equinox cvs repo

  • Tom has entered a bug with the webmaster to open the repo
  • once write permissions are available we will clear out the contents of HEAD

Framework extensions and the transform bundles

  • there are issues with the transform bundles needing to be installed before other bundles are installed. This allows the transforms hook to transform bundles as they are installed
  • Lots of discussion around how to characterize the problem and the solution.
  • Framework extensions are one possibility
  • Another approach is to arrange to have the transform hook, transformers and transformations installed before simple configurator does its thing.
  • Simon did an experiment to make all the transformation stuff as framework extensions. Seemed to work. There was some discussion around the impact of this approach.
  • Simon will open a bug to discuss this further.

Incubator Move

  • We are going to move the incubator
  • Tom and Pascal to review incubator the current content and select/map for the move.
  • Tom to drive the move request as we did last time

Execution environment service proposal

  • There are a number of profiles defined "in the system". Looking to create a shared service that will surface a set of profiles.
  • There are several users of this information
  • need also to contribute profiles
  • General sense was that we will not do something in the framework for this but perhaps look to coopt some of the logic they have in JDT Debug for determining the EE/profile given a JRE location.
  • still interesting to look for an extensible way for people to add profiles.

OSGi spec progress

  • Tom to make up a summary of what is going in to Galileo etc.

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