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Equinox Minutes - 20080729


  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • Oleg
  • Ted
  • Tom


RT Move


  • stopped working when a security hole was fixed in sun vm
  • we can't get a hold of the location of downloaded JARs now
  • we have a hack which enumerates the contents of the JAR and copies them to a new location
  • can we write a new type of input stream which wraps the JAR file?


  • SWT has given us a Cocoa port for the launcher
  • Andrew is getting it ready

Security Contribution

  • Oleg has a security contribution from RedHat
  • close to the 250 line guideline
  • will create a CQ


  • still putting plans together
  • are there themes which cross-cut the Equinox components?

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