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Equinox Minutes - 20080722

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  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Oleg
  • Tom

Equinox Code Move

  • supplement is a part of osgi and will be a part of that
  • move will happen next week
  • tom and jeff will co-ordinate
  • dj to check p2 psf with what is in cvs to see if any obsolete, will send note to mailing list
  • everything in security will move


  • we used to grab the locations of the JAR files in the VM's cache and point OSGi to them and run
  • this was identified as a security hole and was recently fixed in the VM
  • need to figure out how to do this now


  • there is a problem with the way that we convert paths and pass them to the vm
  • convert unicode to current code page of the os
  • vm takes it and assumes it is in the current code page and converts to utf-8
  • problem is the conversion can be lossy depending on the code pages selected
  • could add something to the vm description file

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