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Equinox Minutes - 20080415


  • Andrew Niefer
  • DJ Houghton
  • Jeff McAffer
  • John Arthorne
  • Matt Flaherty
  • Mcq
  • Oleg Besedin
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Tim Mok
  • Tom Watson


Problem with Today's Build

  • there is a bug if you have things in your drop-ins and you update to today's build
  • if you do, then you can't update afterwards
  • we are going to delete the update site for today
  • will send a message to the mailing list telling people not to update until the re-build
  • people still can download the zip file

Bundle Versions for p2 Bundles

  • what should they be?
  • currently they are 0.1.0.qualifier
  • can we do a 1.0 and not have real API?
  • its all about perception, technically it doesn't matter
  • we will still have to increase the major number when we have API in 3.5 so people with ranges will still have to change
  • adding new API (from none) doesn't mean we have to increase by a major number, but a change in data format (for instance) does
  • it will be 1.0

Performance Tests

  • how are they run?
  • do they use the session test framework?
  • are the simple configurator and update configurator fighting by installing/uninstalling source bundles?
  • at one point they were creating a new config.ini
  • is this still the case?
  • if so then we would be just testing the old reconciler behaviour
  • tests are using the dropins folder
  • this is know to be slower
  • we believe that regular startup is faster though since it doesn't need to reconcile
  • startup tests also depend on the number of bundles being installed
  • core startup test is already grey because when we went to individual source bundles there was a slow-down


  • any API changes coming up?
  • security support for 64-bit
  • is this comparable to the community-provided fragments that we have for core.resources?
  • oleg to follow up with user to see what they are interested in

IP Log

  • we don't currently keep an on-going log for Equinox
  • it is required by the foundation
  • we usually generate one each year
  • we should just incrementally update previous ones

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