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Equinox Minutes - 20080122

Graduation of Incubator Bundles

  • graduation of OSGi Services bundles review scheduled for Jan 30
  • created separate CQ for each project that was graduated
  • created 6 for ProSyst bundles
  • created IP Log
  • IP log has to be approved by the Eclipse Foundation IP Team at least 1 week prior to graduation review
  • might be some confusion in and around code coming from 3rd parties and code written in and around Eclipse
  • p2 - enter 1 CQ
  • need CQs for the 3rd party library code - sar, jbdiff
  • when do you decide how many committers are moved over with the project? before the graduation review

3.4 Planning - Security

  • looks good for the graduation dates
  • 2 bundles: security, security.ui
  • need to do a bit more API review for the UI APIs
  • do we really want an API for 3.4?
  • currently p2 might be the only immediate consumers, so could reference internals for now
  • still worth having an API review, either way
  • have been talking to Scott about ideas going forward

Graduation and Components

  • how do things work when we graduate p2?
  • is it a new component?
  • what about bundles? one component per bundle?
  • discussion deferred
  • for now p2 goes into its own component, the rest go into Bundles


  • should we investigate again about getting a phone number for having a public call?
  • look into using the Foundation call-in number
  • how can we be available to members of the community? other teams/projects use IRC
  • John to investigate the creation of equinox channels on IRC

3.4 Planning - Server-Side

  • Jetty 6 coming down the wire
  • is just finishing up the IP clearance, then can be put into Orbit
  • does the SDK need to upgrade?
  • Simon to look at putting it in and determine how much work it will be


  • Andrew had an idea about exposing the launcher's shared memory
  • use it as a method of talking between Eclipse instances
  • might be easier just to use a socket or something instead
  • would we use it right away if we did something here?
  • not for 3.4, perhaps later

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