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Equinox Minutes - 20070522

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May 22, 2007


  • registry notification changes are for post-3.3 (synchronous listeners)
  • bug 185977 - InvalidRegistryObjectException thrown when refreshingPackages
  • should we do this for 3.3? needs review


  • low memory dialog code is attached to bug
  • still need to strenuously test the launcher args
  • Oleg noticed a couple of times that a lot of handles are being created. Most of them are from semaphores and it happens during CVS-related activities. Will file bug report.

Code Cleanup

  • if we come across code that we would like to clean up, don't release changes now. Create bug report, mark as 3.4, attach a patch.

Bug Reports

  • discussed different ways to reduce bug count and deal with old bugs


  • minor bug when running from cygwin
  • motif splash screen not centered - will not fix for rc2
  • Main should consume -startup command-line arg


  • minor bug for rc2

Source Bundles

  • Kim has been doing test builds with the source bundles from Orbit
  • changes have been made in Orbit to produce source bundles


  • are the constants supposed to be upper or lower case?
  • directory names should match constants and platform filter constants

@ symbol

  • there is a bug if we have an @ in the bundle folder name
  • not critical for 3.3
  • @ is not valid for a bundle symbolic name
  • they might be able to encode it as a work-around (maybe - although Tom says prob not...)
  • add to README

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