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Equinox Minutes - 20070320

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March 20, 2007

Today is the test pass for Eclipse 3.3 M6. Because of this most of the discussion focused on the build and our testing.

  • No major Equinox bugs coming in for M6
  • Review testing
    • Tom having problems with OSGi console not coming up with -console on IBM 1.4.2 - known problem, will dup the bug
    • talked about writing tests for stand-alone (no-osgi)
    • testing the supplement - DJ working on steps for running on other framework
    • can we automate testing the application model?
    • testing server-side
    • writing scenerios, testing manually
    • we will put the test zips on the equinox web space and link to it (like the demos)
    • Andrew running OSGi TCK tests on linux
  • Vista
    • John is testing on Vista
    • confirmed fix of console bugs
    • will grab wpf builds to get newly compiled launcher
    • Tom's config patch works
    • update doesn't work yet - still trying to write to the wrong place even though site is configured to r/w location... don't know what the problem is yet
    • Vista work to continue into M7
  • New and Noteworthy
    • Simon to add note re: server side
    • DJ to talk to Kim about Platform consumption of Orbit bundles
  • Misc
    • TPTP bug in PDE/Build
    • pack problems in 3.2.2 - some JARs have same timestamp but are different sizes

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