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Equinox Crazy Ideas

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Ever had a cool idea and had it dropped because of time, resources, budget, or some other lame reason?

If it fits into Equinox theme – put it here – you never know what might happen.

What’s an Equinox theme? Everything that is cool and has a “framework” or a “general utility” flavor.

Disclaimer: While people doing Equinox planning read this page, this list by no means represents any kind of commitment (unless specifically stated so).

Feel free to edit the list and add items to it – or add details and comments.

  • Logging – makes a “crazy” list as it seems crazy that somebody actually would resolve this one day. Perfect high impact / medium effort / high visibility item for your resume. Bug 147824

  • Software components – this one is really crazy; well worth the Pulitzer Prize. Basically do what OSGi, CORBA, COM etc. tried to do in a way that an Eclipse developer would say “yes, yes, I want to use it”. Declarative Services, AspectJ, and Java 5 annotations come to mind as possible ingredients. Not for the faint of heart :-).

  • Filtering - I want to be able to apply filters to Equinox components at runtime depending on the calling context, for example, filter the extension registry to only return extension contributed by a limited set of bundles for one call and another set of bundles for another call, or filter the adapter manager to only return adapters contributed by a set of bundles in one call and another set of bundles in another call.

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