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About the Equinox p2 Update UI

If we're doing our job right, we won't need a user's guide for end-users to figure out the update UI! Nevertheless, this page provides pointers to documentation for the Eclipse update manager.

Eclipse Help

In a running Eclipse instance, you can access help by clicking the Help menu and selecting Help Contents. In the Contents pane, navigate to Workbench User Guide -> Tasks -> Updating and installing software. Alternatively, the help is available online. The Eclipse 3.4 series (aka Ganymede) help is also available online here.

For more information

If you encounter bugs, or would like to enter enhancement requests for this work, please use the Equinox Incubator category in Bugzilla. You can add the prefix "[prov]" to the subject line of the bug report to help us with bug triage.

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