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Revision as of 05:11, 24 July 2008 by (Talk | contribs) (Update the instructions based on what the removal script does, recommend use of removal script first)

Eclipse platform Ganymede/3.4 contains two provisioning systems: the original Update Manager, and the new Equinox p2 provisioning platform. By default, p2 is in control of the system and the Update Manager is hidden. This page describes how to revert to the classic Update Manager and remove p2.

  1. Scripts available in bug 224908 automate this process (tested on Linux and Cygwin).
  2. For manual removal, the following should be deleted:
    • eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.*.p2*
    • eclipse/features/*.p2*
    • eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.ecf*
    • eclipse/plugins/*frameworkadmin*
    • eclipse/plugins/*sat4j*
    • eclipse/plugins/*simpleconfigurator.manipulator*
    • eclipse/dropins*
    • eclipse/p2*
    • eclipse/configuration/*
  3. Copy eclipse/configuration/config.ini from a 3.3.2 version of the platform into this release
    • In the config.ini file, replace the "eclipse.buildId" setting with the correct build id (optional)
  4. Replace the eclipse/eclipse.ini file with the contents from Eclipse platform version 3.3.2.

Note an issue existed with removing the source plugins and features pre-3.4M7, see bug 228537.

Note that an issue was observed with I20080422-0800 and P2 removed, see bug 228546.

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