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  • Henrik
  • John
  • DJ
  • Andrew
  • Thomas
  • Simon
  • Susan
  • Steffen
  • Tom


  • Engine API, operand removal
    • Code is done, to be released this week.
    • Removal of phases to be done this week as well.
    • Removal of the setAbsoluteMode on the current ProvisioningPlan to be done this week as well.
  • Download statistics - need to make a recommendation to EMO on how to proceed with gathering stats
    • John has implemented something in bug #
    • Questions raised about the current approach
      • The trigger for logging stat is in the artifact descriptor. This is weird. We will discuss other approaches like reusing a concept like mirroring rules, or a repo property.
  • Discovery
    • Discussion about naming for classes and bundles.
    • Code to be released in CVS this week.
    • A feature will be created for these plug-ins.
    • The discovery plug-ins will be built as part of the SDK build, but won't be shipped in the
    • Need to verify how to contribute those plug-ins to the Helios repo
    • Steffen to setup a meeting with Pascal and Susan
  • To be reviewed
    • Mirroring of references :
    • IRequirementChange need to be reviewed by Pascal.
    • Merging the 2 query APIs, Thomas to take a stab at it.

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