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  • 3.5.2, shared install on the mac
    • Ian is to ping on the bug for review
  • Plug-in and package versioning, do we want to move everything to 2.0
    • Only plug-ins with API will have their bundle version and package version moved to 2.0.
    • We may update the version of all bundles if this helps remove some confusion.
  • Mylyn discovery status
    • Discussion about the status. Shawn and Steffen to commit the code this week
    • Some worries expressed wrt to the amount of work left to be done
    • Ian will hack some metadata for Shawn and Steffen to start from
    • Pascal and Susan to do more of the metadata work / discussion
    • Some discussion about how to store the icon in the repo (
  • Publisher application startup ordering problems (Tom)
  • Pascal will start working for Sonatype on Monday.

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