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  • Publisher Performance Problem (
    • We have discussed the performance problem in the ArtifactRepository.
    • There is a patch that allows for batching attached to the bug report.
    • Ian is trying a runnable approach rather than an explicit transaction API
    • Discussions occurred about using alternate file format for the repository or having a mechanism to write out the file periodically.
  • Artifact descriptor identity discussion (
    • Andrew gives a recap of the changes he is doing to fix up the problem with identity of artifact descriptor
  • Server side provisioning
    • Running test builds
    • Lightweight Web UI to interact with the server
    • Goal to make available a working WAR file
  • Metadata Verification Tool Update
    • Ian to release code tomorrow after the build
  • Multiple of instance of p2 (status update)
    • John gave an update of the work
    • PDE build and UI can do
  • Running on Felix
    • Getting p2 to run on Felix
    • The director is now running on Felix
    • Now working on the fwkadmin impl for Felix
  • API
    • We want to make a lot of progress for M4.
    • We will ALL work in a branch for a little while be it for API changes or fixes.
    • The branching will happen later this week, make sure to keep your workspace as clean as possible.

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