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Scott Darin Curtis Ian Jeff Simon John Matt DJ Pascal Andrew Susan Tom W.


  • New p2 coop, Matthew Piggot from OttawaU
  • M5 status, M5 is eclipseCon stick build
  • Category versioning. See bug 261104
    • Categories need to be different depending on the repository, but still have the same name
    • There could be problems with composite repos and categories
  • * Andrew to write up something in
  • How do we reconsume CU?
  • Capabilities for extensions / extension points bug 261036
    • There is a general worry about this
  • Query API update -- Ian
    • API changes to make compound queries
    • Incremental changes to get of collectors rely on compound collectors
    • Move off passing collectors
    • Susan asks how we will handle UI queries that do the wrapping?
  • Republish metadata
    • PDE build will look at that
  • Install handler
    • Nothing decided.

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