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  • Support extensibility for version numbers (and version number types)
  • (moved to next week) Support for what "type" of repository will be loaded bug# 222251
  • (moved to next week) New Collector 256355 256411
  • (moved to next week) Interfaces for metadata types 256359


  • Darren
  • Jeff
  • Jed
  • Doug
  • Susan
  • Ian
  • Curtis
  • Andrew
  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Simon
  • Thomas
  • Pascal
  • Henrik


  • Flexible versioning support (majority of call)
    • Thomas gave an overview of versioning requirements in Buckminster and a few examples of subtleties in how versions are interprested in OSGi vs. Maven etc.
    • Discussion around ideas to allow a pluggable version system
    • Much discussion around impact in particular looking at changes in Required and Provided Capabilities.
    • Some key concepts:
      • IVersion, IVersionRange
      • built-in matchers (and potentially rankers) likely type driven
    • Next step is to put forward a more detailed proposal that would look at implementation changes required. (Henrik, Thomas)
    • Some potential to seriously consider implementing a few critical foundational pieces -- M5 thrown around as a deadline for some semblance of integration.
  • DB-based repositories
    • requires some API work, potentially gels well with work Ian B. is doing (see next week's agenda)
    • Pascal brings up it would be good to get an opensource implementation to work more closely with to ensure we're correctly covering requirements.

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