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This page lays out milestone plans for the development of Equinox p2 in the Eclipse Ganymede release (aka Eclipse platform 3.4).

3.4 M7 - May 2, 2008 (Feature freeze)

  • Performance / scalability
    • Progress.gif metadata repo lookup (Simon)
    • Progress.gif memory leaks and consumptions
    • Progress.gif update site (DJ)

  • Ok green.gif Patches (Pascal)
    • Ok green.gif Define metadata and change the planner
    • Ok green.gif Generate p2 metadata from feature patches
    • (Deferred) Forcing a plug-in in the system

  • Backward compatibility
    • Ok green.gif platform.xml synchronizer (Dave / DJ)
    • Ok green.gif Keeping update manager happy (e.g. old features) (DJ / Dave)
    • Verification of the headless APIs (DJ)
    • Ok green.gif Connecting to old style update sites (Simon/DJ/Tim/Jed)

  • Misc
    • Ok green.gif Re-enable revert (Simon)
    • Ok green.gif support for associated sites and discovery sites (John)
    • Ok green.gif optionality (Pascal)
    • Ok green.gif Signature trust checks (John/Tim)
    • Ok green.gif http authentication (John/Tim)
    • Progress.gif https (John/Tim)

  • Progress.gif Shared installs (Simon / Andrew O)
    • Ensure that we behave properly on Vista (John)
    • Introduce the concept of a base
    • Progress.gif Aggregating repositories (Andrew O)
    • Progress.gif Aggregating (Andrew O)
    • Progress.gif Profile generation (Andrew O)

  • Builds
    • Progress.gif Ganymede p2-izer (Andrew O / Pascal)
    • Progress.gif EPP packages (Andrew O / Pascal)
    • Progress.gif PDE Build integration, production of product metadata (Andrew N)
    • (Deferred) Modifying the tests to provision
    • Ok green.gif Educate community to use the director in their build

  • Polish
    • (Deferred) More detailed and user friendly explanations from solver
    • (Deferred) Recovery application (headless)
    • Localization of features (Dave)

Future Plans

Previous Plans

3.4 M6 - March 28th, 2007

Theme: Really Integrating in the SDK

  • Ok green.gif Changing the SDK build / SDK features (DJ, Andrew N, Kim)
  • Ok green.gif Improving the Install Registry format (Simon)
  • Ok green.gif User work flows (build, product creation, ...) (Pascal)
  • Ok green.gif Running the SDK tests ( (John / DJ)
  • Ok green.gif Mac build (Pascal)
  • Ok green.gif Reviewing / renaming file names
  • Ok green.gif Reviewing / renaming metadata namespaces
  • Forcing a plugin in the system
  • Ok green.gif SAT4J integration (Pascal)
  • Ok green.gif Support for mirrors (John / Tim W)
  • Ganymede p2-izer (Andrew N)
  • Ok green.gif Production of product IU (Andrew N)
  • Progress.gif Shared install
  • Metadata for patches
  • Ok green.gif Metadata translation ( (Dave)
  • Vista
  • Reconciling with the running JRE
  • Base
  • Progress.gif Support for signature verification / presentation
  • Ok green.gif Fancier download technology
  • Ok green.gifTesting / improving the compatibility
  • Ok green.gif Improving the story for compatibility in presence of install handler (Simon / Susan)
  • Ok green.gif UI - see Equinox p2 UI Plan#M6

3.4 M5 - February 8, 2007

Theme: Integrating in the SDK

  • Change the SDK build
  • Ok green.gif Decide on the shape of SDK
    • shape
    • Metadata for the SDK (product vs extension)
    • How many bundles does p2 ship in the SDK
  • Ok green.gif Generator for ganymede
  • Metadata for fixes
  • Ok green.gif Metadata for updates
  • Internationalization: translation of metadata, translation fragments
  • Profile preferences: repos, gc, etc.
  • Mirrors, repository seeding
  • Finish up UM compatibility
  • Ok green.gif Connecting to an old style update site through p2
  • Resolver
  • Signature verification
  • Ok green.gif Shared install
  • Ok green.gif Pack200 support
  • Ok green.gif Installer
  • Need a way to lock the agent data area to prevent multiple processes collision.
  • Ok green.gif Control the context in which an operation occurs (limit repos)
  • UI
    • Ok green.gif Restructure available IU viewer for PDE consumption
    • Ok green.gif Flesh out property pages for end user UI
    • Ok green.gif Summary info for install/update wizards
    • Ok green.gif Automatic updates affordance and popup cosmetics
    • Ok green.gif Performance issues
      • Ok green.gif Background resolving/sizing for user-triggered updates
      • Ok green.gif Rework model to reference ids (profile ids, repo URLs) in lieu of objects

3.4 M4 - December 14, 2007

Theme: Ready for integration in the SDK

Must-do: The whole team consumes I-builds using p2

  • Tooling:
    • Ok green.gif PDE to detect whether it is running on a provisioned system and properly set the default in the target platform (Darin)
    • Progress.gif Ant tasks and wiki page to have people produce repositories (DJ) bug 209086
    • Progress.gif Allow for PDE Build to produce p2 artifacts and repositories (Andrew N.)
  • Test
    • Improve the coverage of the tests (all)
    • Multiple form of an artifact in the repository (all)
    • Regularly run the Eclipse tests on a provisioned SDK
    • Progress.gif Manual Tests to be run every week by someone from the team. (all)
  • UI (Susan)
    • Ok green.gif Improved support for browsing repos
      • Ok green.gif Duplicates, sorting, filtering, show latest version only
      • Ok green.gif IU categories Bug 203115
    • Ok green.gif Polish and cleanup (see more details at Equinox p2 User Interface#Milestone Plan)
    • Ok green.gif Performance investigations for add repo, resolving and sizing
    • Ok green.gif Preferences for reminding user of available updates Bug 207493
    • Ok green.gif UI for Revert Bug 205223
    • Ok green.gif Present license information and remember accepted licenses Bug 205232
    • Ok green.gif Misc Admin UI features as requested by team
  • Shared Install
    • Progress.gif Define how shared installs work from a layout point of view (Andrew)
  • Download
    • Ok green.gif Robustness of transports. Support for cancellation. (Stefan)
    • Progress.gif Pluggable download manager strategy (Tim, Stefan, Scott)
    • ECF support for introspecting transports (throughput, latency) (Scott)
  • Update manager compatibility
    • Ok green.gif Directory watcher (Simon, Jeff)
    • Progress.gif Initial support to allow for installation from an update site (DJ, Pascal)
  • Core things
    • Ok green.gif Scalability / OOM (John, Dave)
    • Ok green.gif Garbage collection of the artifacts (Allan, DJ, Pascal)
    • Ok green.gif API Cleanup (John)
  • Misc.
    • JRE Reconciliation on provisioning
    • Decide of the delivery format of the SDK for M5 (Pascal, Jeff)
    • Ok green.gif Ensure simple configurator has a promiscuous mode.
    • Make the metadata generator more flexible and take advices [Bug 209544]

3.4 M3 - November 2, 2007

  • Ok green.gif Establish concrete set of functionality to be available in 3.4 final
  • Ok green.gif Perform rename of bundles and packages to the new name: p2. Updating wiki pages and other documents accordingly (dj/John)
  • True self hosting:
    • Ok green.gif Produce regular I-builds and nightly builds of p2 bundles (Kim/DJ)
    • Progress.gif p2 team will update across I-builds using p2 (all)
    • PDE target provisioning from bundles.txt
  • Cross-platform:
    • Ok green.gif Build the agent for all platforms (dj)
    • Ok green.gif Metadata generation for all platforms (dj)
    • Ok green.gif Be able to install to any platform/os from a single update site
  • Engine:
    • Ok green.gif Transaction support across phases (Simon)
  • Ok green.gif Multiple forms of an artifact in a repository (Stefan/Jeff)
  • Ok green.gif Integrate metadata generation with current build update site generation (dj)
  • UI (see more details at Equinox p2 User Interface#Milestone Plan): (Susan)
    • Progress.gif Improve workflow and info provided pre-install/update/uninstall
    • Ok green.gif Polling for automatic updates and user prefs driving how updates are handled
    • (slip to M4) Improved support for browsing repos (categories, filtering)
    • Ok green.gif Admin UI shows more info in artifact repo view
    • Progress.gif Polish and cleanup
  • (should have basics in for M3) Shared install (AndrewO, Tim)
  • Progress.gif Pluggable download manager strategy (Tim)
  • Ok green.gif ECF support for pause/resume (Scott)
  • ECF support for introspecting transports (throughput, latency) (Scott)
  • Ok green.gif Review Framework admin API, and usage of Framework admin in p2 (John)
  • (slip to M4) Define 3.3/3.4 compatibility story (Pascal)
  • Ok green.gif Replacement for Xstream (Dave)
  • Ok green.gif Review Director/Engine relationship and API (Pascal+Susan)

Questions for M3


Parameters required at install time, such as port numbers

  • Where - in the engine? IU actions
  • Why? - for configuration? installation?
  • What for? - IU Actions
  • Scope?
  • When are they actually used?
  • are the read/write or read only? who can write?
  • Mechanism to query the user for data

Nested profiles

Multiple "products" installed together but run independently. Essentially suites of software. Otherwise discussed as Compound Applications

  • What are the API changes needed if someone was to do this work?
  • Do we really need this in 1.0


The ability to express dependencies on things other than IUs. For example, hardware, execution environment, ...

  • Seems like this is good to do. some sub questions
  • how/who to initailize the values? When?
  • need new kind of requirement? LDAP filter based?


What does the governor look like?


What does the installer look like?

  • How to get the initial install of the agent? JNLP? self-extracting zip, OSGi initial provisioning?
  • Should the agent be an installer
    • branding the user experience
    • installing function/resources into the agent itself
  • silent install? (response file)

Installing into the agent (customizing installer)

Adding function into the agent itself

  • adding new transports, repositories, touchpoints based on what the user is doing/asking.

Resolver Progress.gif

  • Current resolver cannot backtrack. We cannot do selection reliably. Do we need a new resolver algorithm? (Pascal)
  • Do we need a full resolver? Is there a more constrained problem (e.g., resolving just features)
  • Update manager equivalent resolver?
  • Can we find a SAT solver that has the right licencse, language, can be used, ...
  • need a low bar solution for 3.4. Possibility to extend in the future.

Uses Ok green.gif

  • Do we need to support "uses" clauses in the metadata depenedency
  • need support in the resolver/picker and this has proven to be hard
  • not doing uses for 3.4


The producer/consumer problem needs mechanisms for other people to supply advice on how the agent should behave. See Equinox P2 Resolution#Limiting the space: advice. Advice may not come in the same form as IUs etc.

  • when can advice be supplied?
    • Must be defined at the beginning of resolution. Otherwise we would be in a dynamic advice situation (see below).
  • where does advice come from
    • top level IU?
    • side files etc?
  • Version control - should be able to do
  • Adding requirements (Causality) - essentially adding new requirements on other IUs
    • how does this relate to fragments
    • related to eager optional requirements
    • should be able to do this one
  • Uses
    • see above, not likely to do
  • Affinities
    • seems related to uses. Similarly then it is unclear how we can implement this now.
  • Dynamic Advice
    • no


Various levels of security

  • JAR signuture verification - Yes
  • MD5 hash verification - yes
  • signatures on IUs themselves - not now
  • secure transports (HTTPS, ...) - yes
  • Repository trust - rudimentary facilities
    • signed repositories/certificates on server - yes
    • white/black lists - yes
  • login - yes

Simple configurator policy

Whether or not the simple configurator should play nicely with others who call installBundle()

  • not sure what the implications would be
  • seems harsh to simply uninstall things that we don't know about
  • have an option to play nice - yes but you what you asked for.
  • do something simple not involving state resolution and optimization. Just whether or not to uninstlal things that SC did not install.

Locating files

The ability for to find where a file was put during the install. Example you might need to know where the java.exe is so it can update a script. This is somewhat related to variables but has a different flavour/approach. An extension of this is the ability of one IU to look for files from another IU.

  • Actions have to participate by letting the system know where it put files or by offering to help find files when someone is looking for them
  • Ask Andrew how this works in RPM etc
  • Locating files within one IU - yes
  • Locating files across IUs - maybe Try to do something at least basic here.

Sequenced update

Expressing the need to update along a certain path. For example, updating from Foo 1.0 to Foo 1.2 may require that you update to Foo 1.1 first and then update to Foo 1.2. For example to get some data transformations run that are only available in Foo 1.1.

  • Need for a new kind of dependency to express the path. for example Foo 1.1 needs to say that it can update Foo 1.0 whereas Foo 1.2 would say it can update Foo 1.1.
  • should try to do something here if it is reasonably easy

Reasoning about versions

How do you reason about version numbers that are in different formats. For example, the current Version class does not allow to properly reason about the version of JRE.

  • Two approaches
    • Make versions representation/logic pluggable.
    • canonicalize the version number schemes in terms of the base Version scheme
  • Do the second approach (canonicalization) for now

Shared Agent data access

If there are multple Agents running all using the same data area we need to protect the actual data files. This can happen for exapmle when you have several p2 enabled applications running where each has the agent code in it.

  • Seems like a real usecase
  • need to do something at least basic here.

Advising the metadata generator

Allow people to advise the metadata generator to add various dependencies, configuration information, ... as the metadata and artifacts are generated.

  • This is a must have

Revise capabilities model

Right now the capabilities model mixes meta-level capabilities (e.g., declaring the IU type) with base-level capabilities (e.g., exporting a package). This is convenient but makes it hard to reason about the IU.

  • Must do something here.


self hosting

3.4 M2 - September 21, 2007


  • Updating the running profile (self update with a reasonable UI)
  • Support for update / rollback in the director
  • Support for transaction in the engine


  • Director / metadata:
    • Implement groups and selectors
    • Refine and implement constraints descriptors
  • Engine:
    • Support for transaction
  • UI:
    • End user UI to install and update
    • Presentation of metadata repo content to the user
  • Misc
    • Move to ECF 1.0.2
    • Support for relative paths
    • Review the usage of framework admin:
      • How are we using it?
      • Why do we use it, what does it bring?
    • Discover the JRE being used to run
  • Shared install:
    • Initial implementation
  • Repository:
    • Support for filtering content presented to the user
    • Make the artifact repository writable and have support for post-processing
    • Have an artifact repository implementation to read update sites

3.4 M1 - August 2, 2007


  • Operations supported: install, uninstall, update, rollback.
  • Self provisioning from a small download of the agent
  • The agent runs in process


  • Director / metadata:
    • Implement groups and selectors
    • Define constraints descriptors
    • Refine how fragments are being attached
  • Engine:
    • Define new phases and operations.
  • UI:
    • Browse what's installed in a profile
    • Invoke operations
    • Browse a repository
  • First run integration: ability to ship metadata / artifact repo / profile with eclipse
  • Investigate shared install problems


Glass.gif Needs some investigation

Progress.gif Patch in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed / Feature added

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