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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20111205


  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Simon A
  • Katya
  • John


  • Merging
  • Servlet 3.0

p2 and JRE packages

  • Tom mentions that there is an existing equinox bug 348630 that is related to selecting the proper versions for jre packages.

merge questions for integration

  • Ian asks the question: is it possible for commit dates to be out of order. He noticed that some commit dates seemed to be before he did the merge for integration but they were not present when he did the pull and merge
    • This is possible because the commit dates are recorded when commits are made to the local repo. The commits may not have been pushed upstream until after the merge the integration stream was made.
  • Are we doing away with dev mails that indicate the bugs that were fixed for the integration builds?
    • Do we need releng tools that do the merge and graps the commits and generates bug reports.
    • Perhaps it could be part of the build?

Serlvet 3.0

  • Testing
    • Need help for jsp testing
    • Also need help for testing in product scenarios.
  • Discussed the various issues with the downgrade of the javax.servlet package version.

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