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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110606


  • Ian
  • DJ
  • Tom
  • John R.
  • Pascal
  • Katya


  • bug 348045 org.eclipse.equinox.servletbridge.extensionbundle IU is exporting javax.servlet.
  • Running the OSGi CT on Equinox bundles.
  • Extension Registry replacement.

servlet bridge extension bundle issue

  • This may be related to Template:Bud
  • The issue is the bridge extension bundle does not actually contain the packages javax.servlet
    • Instead the packages or inherited from the running app server
    • There is a p2.inf file in the bundle so that the p2 profile for the war knows that this package is available
  • It does not look like there is anything we can do in 3.7 to address
  • We need to look into ways to solve this in Juno.

Extension Registry Replacement for p2 usage

  • bug 325328
  • General agreement to move away from extension registry
  • Several concerns with moving to OSGi services
    • Extension points are considered API.
    • There is discussions of moving the extension points and processing to a separate bundles.
    • This seems overly complex. Seems like we should start simple and make the extension registry an optional dependency, but keep the extension points and code to process them intact.

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