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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110516


  • Ian
  • Pascal
  • Katya
  • John
  • Tom


  • What is left open
  • Dynamic import greediness bug 345726
  • IP Log due by May 18th

IP Log Going to be submitted

  • Due on the 18th. Planning to submit it today.


  • Pascal to open bug in p2 for integrating 3.5.1. see ECF bug 345186.

Dynamic import greediness

  • Not going to do anything for 3.7
    • Today's story should be documented
      • Doc how fully qualified dynamic imports are treated as optional and greedy import packages
      • Doc how a p2.inf file can be used in a bundle to make its fully qualified dynamic import packages non-greedy
    • bug 345726 is considered for 3.8 to change the default way fully qualified dynamic imports are handled.

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