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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110502


  • Pascal
  • DJ
  • Tom
  • Ian
  • Jeff
  • John R.


  • Fix Copyrights
  • p2 rep for Weds. Eclipse team calls
  • RC rules of engagement
  • Bug triaging
  • Permgen

Fix Copyrights

  • Ian to do p2 copyright updates.

p2 rep

  • Pascal should be able to attend the weds calls.

Bug Triage

  • bug 249133 updates sites for shared installs, none are listed.
    • involves cascading the profile preferences?
    • If the base changes what should we do?
    • probably should defer. cascading sounds risky.
    • could hack just to cascade the update sites.
    • we will defer.
  • bug 338495 bug 336848 - UI bug - Composite with 3 children causes a duplication error when a child contained in the composite is re-added.
    • is this a UI fix or something that can be fixed in core.
    • Jeff will move it back. Jeff to look into it for core.
  • bug 343775 Prepare is being called at the wrong time. Called at the end, but should be before.
    • Agree to fix prepare for 3.7.
  • bug 343329 - API: AdviseFileAdvise is in in an eclipse package.
  • p2 import/export bugs
    • Code needs polishing
    • Mostly minor issues that should be fixed in RC1.


  • 273 p2 repos loaded all at once.
    • interning strings seems to have caused more permgen space to be used.
    • now using string interning to improve performance and sharing of IUs
    • Ian to open a bug to record his findings. Not planning to do anything for 3.7.

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