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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20110204


  • Tom
  • John R.
  • Pascal
  • Ian
  • Dean
  • DJ


  • Update Policy
  • Shared Install and Windows 7
  • Bundle Pool

Update Policy

  • Running into issues check servers over and over.
  • Per repository bases to check server
    • perhaps only check ever 2 months or 1 week etc or every time
    • Pascal is working on a fix that just adds underlying mechanism, but is not exposing it to the user.
    • Should this be an UI instead? Not thinking about this right now.
    • The cache manager does not appear to be working 100%

Shared Install and Windows 7

  • On windows 7 Program Files\ is read-only install
    • Bug bug 322477
    • This makes it implicitly a shared install mode
    • Has any work been done here?
      • Dean has been looking at this over the past week
      • Current behavior correct? Should joe user be able to change the installed base?
      • The behavior current posts a bogus message. Do all we need to do is fix this message?
      • Should we show only updates the user can perform or disable updates user cannot perform
      • Can we somehow elevate the user to admin user? Appears this cannot be done in process. Would force a restart? Solution could end up tricky.

Bundle Pools

  • File level locking on artifacts repositories
    • profiles are locked but artifact repositories are not.
    • this can cause issues with shared bundle pools.
    • What is involved to do file level locking to artifacts.xml.
    • The framework has storage manager than may be able to assist in implementing proper bundle pool locking.

A tool for export and import what is installed

  • There is someone willing to contribute the code.

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