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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20101004


  • Jeff
  • DJ
  • John Ross
  • Andrew
  • John A
  • Pascal
  • Ian
  • Tom


  • Intro of John Ross
  • Equinox website
  • Equinox calendar and SMS
  • Andrew comment on Launchers
  • Performance regression summary

John Ross

  • John is joining the Equinox team working with Tom on OSGi related topics
  • He has worked on OSGi for quite some time in the original IBM use of OSGi in embedded

Equinox Website

  • Jeff has been doing some prototyping to update the website.
  • Need to work on content. In particular, things like getting started, downloads etc. Essentially the four buttons on the banner and what should be in the menu bar and the right nav area.
  • review of the download page for a particular build.
    • can / should the text name of each bundle be shortened to eliminate the version/qualifier? It will still be in the link and perhaps can be in cover help.


  • general direction is good
  • some discussion around making collapsible sections on the downloads page to remove clutter around Add-on bundles
  • Look at getting a blog feed from planet with equinox and osgi keywords/tags

Equinox calendar and SMS

  • The Equinox team meeting calendar entry currently is setup to send SMS reminders before meetings. Jeff would like to turn this off.
  • SMS will be turned off

Launcher comments

  • released more ports for GTK from Motif
  • 64 bit versions coming
  • 5 or 6 new fragments
  • SWT is looking to drop Motif
  • if / when they do, we can stop producing Motif
  • this likely would not happen until 3.8

Performance Regression

  • long story but at least one of the regressions comes back to using JSR14 in the compiler and there being a "bug" in the compiler such that it does not cache the class and continually uses Class.forName().
  • discussion around updating the version numbers on the bundles that are affected.

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