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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20100119


  • Adding SAT/DeviceKit to build (bug 299944)
  • What is the criteria for adding projects to Equinox
  • Disabling uses constraint checks for dev mode (bug 261849)
  • OSGi meetings


  • Tom
  • Ruibin
  • John
  • DJ
  • Simon
  • David


Adding SAT/DeviceKit to build

Building SAT/DeviceKit

  • Concerns about adding more and more the the Eclipse SDK build
  • Consider setting up a hudson build?
    • Can we set this up for SAT/DeviceKit?
    • Then consider moving other things after (incubator stuff, weaving etc.).

Criteria for adding projects to Equinox

  • Concerns from team about dumping stuff into Equinox
    • Scala modules is coming, should it be under RT not under rt.equinox

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