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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20091103

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  • Progress on retention policy.
  • Extension registry and multiple locales bug 244468
  • Meetings over next two weeks
    • Next week OSGi F2F
    • November 17, Equinox RT Day
  • Scopes in e4 and overriding capabilities of a parent.


  • DJ
  • Pascal
  • Tom
  • Jeff
  • Andrew
  • Simon


  • Progress on retention policy, Jeff to look at the wiki and move forward.
  • Extension registry.
    • Need for get***(String locale)?
    • If LocaleProvider is enough can we avoid the need for the new get** methods?
    • Can we get the session stuff from RAP for a complete solution.
    • The LocaleProvider will be a service interface exported by org.eclipse.osgi
      • We should update the registry patch to use it.
  • Some discussion of scoping
    • Blueprint supports context, so does e4.
    • p2 is also investigating a concept of context is handled in code by the provisioning agent context.
    • In OSGi composite bundles we are also discussing how how scopes should prioritize capabilities contributed directly to the composite by its constituent bundles.

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