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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20091013

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  • Left over from last week: Ways to inject through extension registry and e4.
  • What to do about logging and tracing enhancements
  • Retention policy


  • Tom
  • DJ
  • Pascal
  • Andrew
  • Jeff
  • Simon


  • Retention policy
    • Once released always available, never delete old content
      • One repository containing SR1, SR2, SR3 for Galileo
      • One repository for Helios etc.
    • Eclipse project retention policy
    • For updates of the IDE
      • Folks want the latest to show up for doing updates
    • For builds
      • Folks want to have control over the versions and need durable repositories.
    • Concerns for performance
      • Duplication of artifacts
      • Could make the root URL (e.g. galileo/) the latest
      • Each new SR could get a stable URL (e.g. galileo/SRX)
    • Do we need to fix this now?
      • Do we need to get an SR0 URL for Galileo?
        • Would allow for us to test revert and check differences in mirroring.
      • Can we get by with make a stable SR1 an SR2 Galileo?
    • We should do the right thing for SR2 so that we know it will work for Helios
      • Pascal recommends a composite repo for SR1/SR2 of Galileo and restore SR0.
      • We will not know how much has changed until the exercise is done.
      • We need to make a composite repository with SR0/SR1/SR2 of Galileo to get experience.
        • We could make the constituents (SRs) a diff of the previous SR
        • Other option is to make self contained SR repos as constituents of the big composite repo.
        • Could make aggregate-SRs and stand alone SR repos.

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