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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20091006

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  • Strategy for moving to Java 5.
  • p2 API churn.
  • Ways to inject through extension registry and e4.
  • Filter support for our http service.


  • DJ
  • Simon
  • Pascal
  • Tom
  • Andrew


  • Strategy for moving to Java 5
    • If you target 1.4 bytecode then it will not compile in StringBuilder etc.
      • Is that standard Java now? It is not official. It has not been well tested.
    • This will keep the generifications, need to verify.
    • API tooling will validate that all the EEs you specify contain the methods you are using.
  • p2 API churn
    • Doing API shaping first
    • Then move/rename package names
    • Move to Generics
    • Need to be careful not to break clients. Give heads up to consumers.
  • Ways to inject through extension registry and e4.
    • Look at what riena is doing
    • Peaberry - layer on top of Guice that injects services and interacts with the registry. (Google code).
      • Mavin guys are using it for their move to OSGi.
  • Filter support for http service
    • javax.serlver.Filter (not org.osgi.framework.Filter!)
    • Can be used for security
    • Should there be an extension point for Filters? It becomes API.
    • The service would be provisional, no extension point for now.
  • Andrew will look at launcher changes to remove Windows 98 stuff.

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