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  • Ramblings copied directly from my todo list (Dimitris)
    • Fix error messages when loading EMF models / if loading fails remove from ID map
    • EVL project wizard
    • Write article about reuse-worthy features in Epsilon website
    • Write an article for Register EPackages
    • Finish Exeed tutorial
    • Fix Epsilon launch configurations: parse error reporting
    • Add support for right-click on .e*l files -> Run as... (already done some work on this)
  • Look for a tool that automatically checks websites for broken links (Antonio: I show how to use wget in this article)
  • Update the EuGENia tutorial article to mention the Generate GMF Editor button (Antonio: I edited this article, but the screencast is not done yet)
  • Add more features to the debugger:
    • Step over
    • List elements of a collection in the Variables view
    • How can we show the extended properties of a value?

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