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=== Exhibits at embedded world 2015===
=== Exhibits at embedded world 2015===
[[File:Booth Overheadview OSADL Eclipse 05 2015.jpg]]

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Visit the Eclipse Foundation exhibit at embedded world 2016, Feb 23-25, 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. Our co-exhibitors for 2016 will include member companies, research projects and working groups representing the diverse embedded community at Eclipse.

Partnering with OSADL, the Open Source Automation Development Lab, you'll find us at Booth #4-160.

Partners at the Eclipse Booth

You can visit each of the participating companies in their individual booths. Watch this space for information about our partners and the technologies they will be showing.

  • CEA List
  • Sierra Wireless
  • logi.cals
  • PolarSys Working Group
  • SQS
  • Obeo
  • AMALTHEA4Public

About embedded world:

The embedded world conference and exhibition is a major and international event focusing on embedded systems in Nürnberg. In 2015 the exhibition and conference had over 25000 attendees from 42 countries, thus making it an integral meeting point for the embedded systems community. With a selection of themes ranging over systems, software and connections, the event is aimed at developers and development managers, project managers and engineering executives. Participants come from very different sectors, various kinds of industries through machine building and automation to automotive engineering and medical technology. This year, an Engineering Focus will additionally concentrate on the Internet of Things.

Exhibits at embedded world 2015


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