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(Show and Tell)
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* Linker File Editor (Jonah)
* Linker File Editor (Jonah)
* impulse Embedded (thomas - [ impulse])
* impulse Embedded (thomas - [ impulse])
* [ ASCET-DEVELOPER Demo] - Andreas Rytina
* <feel free to sign up>
* <feel free to sign up>

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Embedded Tools Summit 2017

The Embedded Tools Summit 2017 will be held during the Unconference day at EclipseCon Europe 2017.

  • Date: Monday, October 23, 2017
  • Time: 9:00 - 17:30
  • Room: TDB
  • More Info: [1]
  • Note there is a small fee for the Unconference day to cover expenses.

Please feel free to add to the agenda and sign up in the attendee list. This summit is for all of us.

Note that new contributors to the Eclipse wiki do have their first posts moderated to help control spam. Once approved, you'll be free to edit any time.


Project Updates

Overview and current status of Eclipse projects that cover the embedded tools space.

  • Target Management and org.eclipse.remote
  • Terminal
  • CDT
  • Linux Tools
  • Trace Compass
  • TCF
  • <others people are interested in?>

Show and Tell

Demos from participants showing off the cool things they've done with their products.

  • QNX Momentics
  • Linker File Editor (Jonah)
  • impulse Embedded (thomas - impulse)
  • ASCET-DEVELOPER Demo - Andreas Rytina
  • <feel free to sign up>

The Future of the Eclipse IDE for Embedded

Where do we go from here and ensure we have a healthy platform

  • Eclipse Che
  • Theia
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Eclipse "Two", i.e. some other Electron based solution
  • The Good Ol' Eclipse IDE, i.e. keep a good thing going

Deep Dives

Deeper Dives into specific technologies participants would like to discuss

  • CDT's new Core Build System (Doug)
  • <feel free to add your own>

Code Clinic

Once we're done the topics in the agenda, we can use the rest of the time to break into groups and look at code, get answers from the experts!


  • Doug Schaefer - QNX
  • David Cummings - QNX
  • Jonah Graham - Kichwa Coders
  • Tracy Miranda - Kichwa Coders
  • Jeff Johnston - Red Hat
  • William Riley - Renesas
  • Mark Goodchild - Renesas
  • Paul Bell - Renesas
  • Jesper Eskilson - IAR Systems
  • Mario Pierro - IAR Systems
  • Joakim Lönnberg - IAR Systems
  • Thomas Haber - toem
  • Arndt-Michael Meyer - ETAS
  • Buttle Darren - ETAS
  • Yen Mai Hai - ETAS
  • Andreas Rytina - ETAS
  • <please sign up so we know how big a room to get>

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