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Ecore Tools

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The Ecore Tools component provides a complete environment to create, edit and maintain Ecore models. This component eases handling of Ecore models with a Graphical Ecore Editor and bridges to other existing Ecore tools (Validation, Search, Compare, Emfatic, generators...). The Graphical Ecore Editor implements multi-diagram support, a custom tabbed properties view, validation feedbacks, refactoring capabilities... The long-term goal is to provide the same level of services as does JDT for Java.

Ecore Diagram Overview


New & Noteworthy




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  • Model oriented Outline View : possibility to DND a model element into the diagram area to show its graphical representation
  • Tabbed Properties View : provide advanced capabilities to edit the ecore model
  • Diagram example from Ecore.ecore model : maintain this as an example and show editor capabilities through this model


  • Model Management
    • 210771 : Initialize a diagram from an existing ecore
    • 210769 : Open diagram using URI
    • 210767 : Be able to add dependencies to other models
    • 212405 : Add Hierarchy View (as in the JDT) to navigate along Inheritance links
    • 212406 : Add References View used to navigate along EReference links
    • 212407 : Provide an Ecore perspective and nature
    • 212299 : Ecore Tools missing source features?
  • Graphical improvements
    • 210796 : Improve creation wizard
    • 210768 : Multi-diagram support
    • 210774 : Ease creation and modification of EOpposite references
    • 211766 : Diagram EOpposite references representation
    • 210772 : Have the possibility to hide graphical objects
    • 210777 : Add a "Link with diagram" button in the outline
    • 211761 : Diagram editor outline highlights diagram elements
    • 212409 : Add EMF Generics support
    • 211842 : Different colors for different kinds of EClass
    • 211850 : Display the name of the EPackage when different from the current one
    • 211852 : Enable Delete From diagram action
    • 211853 : Impossible to delete EAttributes and EOperations
    • 211854 : Display return type of EOperation
    • 211856 : Add "Hide connection" and "Show all connections" actions
    • 211851 : Label icons are missing
  • External tools integration

This roadmap is a more human readable view of what is available in the Bug List of the Ecore Tools component.
The Ecore Tools component will be released in June, 2008 and will be part of the Ganymede Simultaneous release.


The component developers are :


Any issue should be reported to the Bugzilla You may also contact the team using the EMFT newsgroup.

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