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Eclipse WG Unconference France 2014 OSLC

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Some Java programming experience with Eclipse IDE.

Experience with JAX-RS web services a plus.


-It includes Maven plugin: m2eclipse, and Git plugin: Egit

  • Java JDK 1.6 + (Mandatory)

-Setup the JAVA_HOME or JAVA_JRE environment variable

-Mandatory for the hands-on workshop

-Stable version 2.1.0

-Clone the Lyo Docs repository

-Register yourself (Username/password) to

-Build the OSLC4JBugzilla service provider application

  • Clone OSLC Lyo Core repository

-Follow the instructions at




  • We provide the code of the labs
  • We provide a war file to deploy in Tomcat as alternative of running the OSLC4JBugzilla in Eclipse

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