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Eclipse WG Unconference France 2014

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This page is the live agenda for the Eclipse Working Groups Unconference in Toulouse on June 17th 2014.

To help for logistic and communication, we will select sessions by the end of April.

If you want to suggest a session, please copy/paste the following section and complete the necessary information.

You can also support a session proposal or comment it.

If the discussion needs more place for a specific topic, another page can be created.

Unconference Organizers

  • Gaël Blondelle: PolarSys / Embedded Systems
  • Thierry Monteil: Internet of Things
  • Mélanie Bats: Dev rooms
  • Oscar Slotosch: Eclipse Tools qualification Workshop

Dev rooms

Ask for your dev room! New this year, one day before the EclipseCon France, the 17th of June during the Eclipse Unconference, we give you the possibility to get a room to work on your Eclipse project. The purpose is to assign a dev room to self-organizing groups to work together on open source projects, to discuss topics relevant to a broader subset of the community, and to hack code...

If you want to get a dev room for your Eclipse project, contact with the following information :

  • Project name
  • Do you need a room for the all day/half day ?
  • Number of expected hackers
  • Describe the purpose of the day : hackathon, discussing future, sharing beers...

Eclipse Tool Qualification Workshop

Goal of the workshop is to share experiences in the qualification of Eclipse-based tools. The contributions should have a true story starting with "Once upon a time our Eclipse-based tool was used in the development of a safety critical application" and the end of the story is free. So it can be

  • a certificate from an authority that the tool can be used
  • some accepted arguments why it did not need to be qualified in the project
  • accepted details of a proven in use argumentation
  • compliance documents that it was developed according to a safety standard
  • a qualification kit with test cases

Demonstrations of running test cases shall be included if available. The length of the workshop will depend on the number of contributions, but will not be longer than 4 hours.

Use Case 1: Qualification Kits for Eclipse-based tools

  • Presenter: Oscar Slotosch
  • Abstract: Once upon a time our Eclipse-based tool (EMF-based RCP) was used in the development of a safety critical

application. We have created a qualification kit for that tool according to the Eclipse qualification roadmap. This roadmap for tool qualification allows to develop qualifiable tools according to DO-330 for all qualification levels. In this presentation we demonstrate our qualification kit that satisfies the criteria TQL 5 and TQL4, i.e. the first two steps of the roadmap. It also satisfies the criteria of other standards like IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 26262. In the 45 min presentation we demonstrate how the tests can be executed based on a qualification environment That is based on open source (Jubula and JaCoCo). Furthermore we provide evidence that the qualification environment satisfies the qualification requirements from the standards by means of a V&V report that includes the successful execution of test cases for the used open source qualification environment.

PolarSys general assembly and meeting

This PolarSys meeting would be restricted to PolarSys members

Auto IWG meeting meeting

Interested persons and comments

Requirements Engineering Workshop

Requirement engineering is a key topic for any development. But for the development of Embedded Systems, for both Aerospace and Automotive, it has particular importance, mainly due to its relevance with respect to safety. But RE is not an isolated discipline, its value is amplified by it's integration in the overall systems development process. Therefore, the objective of this workshop is threefold:

1. What Eclipse projects exist that either (a) deal with requirements directly, (b) interface with requirements, or (c) should interface with requirements, but don't? What's the maturity of these projects? What's the maturity of these projects? Industry Success stories are welcome here!

2. What do you do with requirements? In order to get a better understanding of the needs of industry, we must understand what you do with requirements. Do you use them for Validation? As appendices for contracts? How do you work today? Again, we want to hear from practitioners.

3. What is missing? The previous two discussions should provide the foundation to answer this question: What would you like to be able to do with Eclipse that you cannot do today?

The goals of this workshop will be to discuss the status of existing projects, to envision closer collaboration, and to try to define a common medium term roadmap between the participants.

Timing Constraints

Realistically, RE is a niche topic. While we could easily fill more time, we can achieve a lot in 90 minutes.

Interested persons and comments

Tools chain integration with OSLC

Interested persons and comments

  • Andreas Graf - a session with high relevance. itemis will be participating.


Unconference Session Proposal Template


Please give a title to your session, and indicate if it is a Workshop, a brainstorming session on a given topic, a live coding session, ...

Timing constraint

How much time do you need. Is 1:30 ok? Is 2:00 Ok? Do you need 3:00 in the afternoon by joining two 1:30 sessions?


Name the one or two persons who will manage the session. Include emails so that you can be contacted by other interested people.


Describe the topic in no more than 5 lines

Interested persons and comments

Please add your name, and potentially add a comment to your line.

Session proposals

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