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Eclipse Unconference France 2016

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This page is the live agenda for the Eclipse Unconference at ENSEEIHT, in Toulouse, on June 10, 2016.

If you want to suggest a session, please copy/paste the template at the bottom of the page and send the request to gael.blondelle _ at _ You can also support a session proposal or comment it.

Unconference Tracks

Eclipse IDE

  • Organizer: Mickael Istria,
  • Description: Come and share your thoughts about the Eclipse IDE. What can be improved in general, what are the user experience pattern that should guide its development, how do the

interested parties prioritize their work, how they should prioritize their work, define some rules for good integration in the IDE...

  • Prerequisite: Experience with the Eclipse IDE, actual user feedback (yours or "witnessed" usage) is helpful
  • Proposed Topics
    • Generic Text edition and grammars: many plain editor tools simply rely on a textmate grammar to provide basic text edition features. It seems like Eclipse could take advantage of a similar approach. Status and possible ways forward.
    • Discovery and User Assistance: Eclispe IDE is very feature rich, but many very powerful features are difficult to even discover. How can the IDE allow more discovery for users?


There are two options:

  • Register for EclipseCon France 2016 and choose to attend the Unconference for an additional €60 (VAT included) as an add-on to your conference registration.
  • Register for the Unconference Only for €60 (VAT included). Select "Unconference (only)" as the registrant type on the form.

Poster session

During the Unconference, we will have lunch on site and host a poster session at the same time. Please send an email to gael.blondelle _at_ if you plan to come with a poster.

Unconference Agenda


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