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Eclipse Unconference Europe 2016

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Eclipse Unconference

This page is the live agenda for the Eclipse Unconference in Ludwigsburg on October 24, 2016 at the Forum.

The Unconference is more and more successful so please get in touch with us (gael.blondelle _ at _ and susan.iwai _ at _ if you need some space for your group.

Registration and logistics

Unlike the regular conference, this Unconference is organized by YOU. There will be food and beverages, power and projectors, and meeting rooms. We will coordinate just a bit to avoid obvious topic overlaps during the day and to make sure that everybody has the right place for their group.

Ther will be some spaces dedicated to a Dev co-working space, that is, spaces where developers meet and work together on their preferred projects. Both experienced and new contributors will find that the co-working space is a good chance to meet and learn from each other.

Registration: If you plan to participate, you have to register for the Unconference on the conference registration page.

Unconference Organizers

  • Susan Iwai: Eclipse Foundation Europe - Unconference coordination
  • Gaël Blondelle: Eclipse Foundation Europe - Unconference cordination / Embedded Systems
  • Ian Skerrett and Benjamin Cabé: IoT Working Group
  • Matthias Zimmermann: Scout User Group Meeting
  • Torkild Resheim: Science Working Group
  • Johannes Kristan (Bosch SI), Michael Jaeger (Siemens): Open Source Component Management

Poster session

During the Unconference, we will host a poster session over our lunch break. Please send an email to gael.blondelle _at_ and susan.iwai _ at _ if you plan to come with a poster so that we make sure we have enough boards for display. Please list your poster below.

List of posters:

Unconference Agenda

The agenda is coming soon.

Unconference session descriptions

IoT Working Group

A meeting of the Eclipse IoT community and IoT enthusiasts. Join us to learn about IoT at Eclipse and share your thoughts on the requirements for building an Internet of Things based on open source and open standards.

Session coordinators: Ian Skerrett, Benjamin Cabé

Project Updates - 9:00am Start

Each project will spend 10 minutes updating on their current status. The update should include:

  • Project Overview: Short (1 slide) reminder about your project functionality. This is for people who are be new.
  • Project stats: tell us how well your project is doing. Number of download, number of contributors, number of bugs opened, number of mailing list subscribers, etc.
  • Project plan: when is the next release and what are the key features.
  • Key Challenges: What challenges/issues are you having?
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Where do you see potential for collaboration with other Eclipse IoT projects or other communities.
  • Projects that will be represented:
    • add your project here

Collaborations / Invited Speakers

Coming soon.

Open Whiteboard

Other topics of collaboration or of interest to IoT enthusitasts

Science Working Group

Meet and greet with the Science Working Group community. Project updates, ...

  • Session coordinator: Torkild Resheim
  • Other participants : Philip Wenig

9:00-10:30 Time slot 1

11:00-12:30 Time slot 2

14:00-15:30 Time slot 3

16:00-17:30 Time slot 4

Open Source Component Management

As pointed out in the project proposal, software is not built from scratch, but rather assembled from various prepackaged third-party software components. As a result, organizations face the following challenges:

  • Verifying various aspects of compliance when using third-party software components: license compliance, ECC checks, IP assessments, etc.
  • Sharing knowledge about software components and their qualities.
  • Providing a broad overview of the components used.

The Eclipse IP team is not the only to face these challenges, and the Eclipse community is now tackling the topic with projects like SW360.

Meet the SW360 project leaders and other experts for fruitful excahgnes about this topic.

  • Session coordinators: Johannes Kristan from Bosch SI and Michael Jaeger from Siemens

14:00-15:30 First slot

16:00-17:30 Second slot

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