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Eclipse Testing Day 2013 Talks


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Keynote: Flying sharks with Eclipse m2m

Did you ever hold a shark as a pet? Those of you who already had the chance to live under the same roof with such an animal will know, that they are very hard to tame. They are mainly driven by their instincts and you need to ensure that they remember their lessons learned over and over again.

Based on an electronic shark we will demonstrate how may be used to control a shark remotely. A vaadin web UI will send commands to the shark, who will execute them properly. Single commands and complex maneuver commands may be processed.

To ensure that the shark remembers its previous lessons “taught” we will use unit tests. They will send predefined commands to the shark. Using ultrasonic sensors the unit tests get results about the location of the shark in the three dimensional room and will assert that the shark glides through the air – sorry swims - smoothly.

The second test we will execute by unit tests is to ensure that the hardware parts are working properly. If commands are executed on hardware level, the hardware will send an “execution done response” to the unit test. So we are also able to test the proper functionality of hardware stuff.

Florian Pirchner

Florian Pirchner is an independent software engineer and works in the area of business applications for many years. He publishes articles for java and eclipse magazine and is project lead of the open source project “ – OSGi composites for business applications”. The project aims to provide a very comfortable way to write applications based on Xtext DLSs. To cover more than just business processes, will also integrate machine to machine protocols to get a deep integration.

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