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Eclipse Summit 2009 EclipseRT Tutorial/Symposium

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As part of the Eclipse Summit Europe agenda there will be an EclipseRT Tutorial and an EclipseRT Symposium.

EclipseRT Tutorial

Many projects at Eclipse produce technology that is useful in a wide range of runtime scenarios. Based on feedback from the Runtime symposium at ESE2008, this half-day EclipseRT tutorial connects the dots for runtime technologies at Eclipse, EclipseRT. Topics such as Equinox, RAP, EclipseLink and Riena will be covered in a coherent and connected fashion allowing attendees to understand how the pieces fit together and accelerate solutions to real-world problems. As such we focus on concrete, pragmatic examples of how to use particular technologies, hints and tips, and best practices.

Bring your laptop to try things out as we go along or simply come and watch. Either way you are bound to learn something new about Eclipse in the runtime space.

Who is coming?

You don't have to sign up for this tutorial but you might put your name down here along with an indication of your interests.

  • Christian Campo -- Riena
  • Jeff McAffer -- Everything RT
  • Shaun Smith -- EclipseLink
  • Benjamin Muskalla -- RAP
  • Lars Vogel- Looking forward to learn about ECF and your example app Toast
  • Wolfgang Strunk -- Siemens Enterprise Communications, get ideas for making our Equinox based application server more "Eclipse like"

EclipseRT Symposium

The EclipseRT Symposium is a forum for all people in the Eclipse community that are building or consuming Eclipse projects in the runtime context, EclipseRT. Eclipse has rapidly changed from being an Eclipse IDE synonym to also being a runtime platform with projects like Equinox, EclipseLink, ECF, RCP, RAP, Riena, Swordfish, eRCP and many others focused on runtime technology. Still more projects at Eclipse have runtime aspects in their offerings (e.g., BIRT, EMF, GEF, ...).

The Symposium will run in an unconference way and provide a good place to discuss issues and problems, or present ideas and experiences that you or your users are having when using EclipseRT components.

Topic suggestions

In keeping with the symposium's unconference nature we are not fixing an agenda but rather seeking to guide the discussion to create an effective experience for all. After an introduction round we will gather topics for a few categories. Below are 3 proposed categories. More can be added here or at the event.

  • Architecture
  • Community, Delivery of components, Target Platform, Release Train
  • Experience Reports (we like to hear from people who use RT components and their experience)

If you like to show a few slides that highlights a topic or issue in an area, you can do so. Please no more than 5 minutes plus some time for questions and discussions. All people who would like to do so please contact me ( and attach the slides so that we can group content together where it makes sense.

Who is coming?

You do not have to sign up but adding your name and areas of interest down here will help shape the event ahead of time. Having problems adding yourself to the attendee list? Email (you need to be logged in to edit this page)

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