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Eclipse Project Update Sites

This is the Eclipse Project Platform artifacts page
The Simultaneous Release repositories which contain the release of multiple Eclipse projects can be found here

Eclipse build repositories

Committers and early adopters, look below for unversioned repositories.

Versioned repository URLs

Eclipse Project builds are stored in p2 repositories that are produced as part of the Eclipse project build process. This page provides an overview of the different repositories maintained by the Eclipse project, and their corresponding location and retention policy. See also meaning of kinds of builds.

See the online help article Adding a new software site for instructions on how to add a new update site to your Eclipse installation.

Repository Repository URL Retention Policy
4.16 milestones (2020-06)
stable builds, roughly 6 week intervals Retained until the release is available.
To save space on mirror servers for rarely requested downloads only about 2 of the most recent milestones will be kept on "downloads" server, older ones may be moved to "archives", temporarily, until formal release, when they are removed completely.
Note, all milestone builds and release candidates, except the last one, are removed approximately one week before a formal release date, to free up space on and mirror servers.
To be explicit, only about two milestones are left in the composite milestone repository, even though the simple repositories are retained until the release is available.
Integration builds toward 4.16
Daily builds, used by developers of SDK components Last 7-days I-builds are retained along with every weeks Monday's I-builds till milestone is available; they will be removed once a milestone is available.
To be explicit, only about four integration builds are left in the composite I-build repository, even though the simple repositories are typically retained until the milestone is available.
Maintenance builds toward 4.15.x (2020-03) Builds removed after about a month old, or at the request of the development team
4.15.x releases (2020-03) Retained Indefinitely
4.14.x releases (2019-12) Retained Indefinitely
4.13.x releases (2019-09) Retained Indefinitely
4.12.x releases (2019-06) Retained Indefinitely
4.11.x releases (2019-03) Retained Indefinitely
4.10.x releases (2018-12) Retained Indefinitely
4.9.x releases (2018-09) Retained Indefinitely
4.8.x releases (Photon) Retained Indefinitely
4.7.x releases (Oxygen) Retained Indefinitely
4.6.x releases (Neon) Retained Indefinitely
4.5.x releases (Mars) Retained Indefinitely
4.4.x releases (Luna) Retained Indefinitely
4.3.x releases (Kepler) Retained Indefinitely
4.2.x releases (Juno) Retained Indefinitely
3.8.x releases (Juno) Retained Indefinitely
3.7.x releases (Indigo) Retained Indefinitely
3.6.x releases (Helios) Retained Indefinitely
3.5.x releases (Galileo) Retained Indefinitely
3.4.x releases (Ganymede) Retained Indefinitely

Non-versioned repository URLs

Below are special composite repository URLs that are primarily intended for committers and early adopters. They are each a composite that simply points to the current version of the repositories listed below. Those using these non-versioned URL do not need to change their software repository lists or scripts. In other words, the contents are identical to their current, versioned counterparts, but the URL stays the same.

These repos go well together with the latest release train repo:

Repository Repository URL Retention Policy
Current Milestones See above.
Current Integration builds See above
Current Maintenance builds See above.

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