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Eclipse Installer

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What is Oomph?

Eclipse Oomph is an installer and updater for Eclipse development environments. See what The Free Dictionary says.


The new installers are now available:

You can also install Oomph into an existing IDE via the update site or the site archive.


Non-exhaustive list of features:

  • Provisioning correct set of plugins in the Eclipse IDE.
  • Binding Git repos (incl. personal Gerrit push URL).
  • Checking out projects.
  • Setting workspace preferences.
  • Configuring dynamic working sets.
  • Keeping project preferences files in sync.

The configuration is model driven, with the possibility to customize a lot for each project, each branch, each user…

Authoring Setup Models

Please read Eclipse Oomph Authoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read FAQ.

Getting in Touch

First browse the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

As a user you should post your questions and comments to the public forum:

You can also monitor the developer mailing list or discuss development topics:

If you encounter trouble or miss a feature please:

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