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Eclipse Installer

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Work in Progress
This page might not be in sync with the latest tool version. Please help to improve this page.

What is Oomph?

Eclipse Oomph is an installer and updater for Eclipse development environments. See what The Free Dictionary says.


Just download the installer for your operating system and unzip it to your local disk:

Then start the included executable:


The installer comes with a help page. For the moment, there's no authoring guide.


Not exhaustive list of features:

  • Provisioning correct set of plugins in the Eclipse IDE.
  • Binding Git repos (incl. personal Gerrit push URL).
  • Checking out projects.
  • Setting workspace preferences.
  • Configuring dynamic working sets.
  • Keeping project preferences files in sync.

The configuration is model driven, with the possibility to customize a lot for each project, each branch, each user…

Mailing List

Until it has been decided upon the final container project for the tool (currently it belongs to the CDO Releng tools) that would be the EMF newsgroup or the emf-dev mailing list.

Please prefix the subject header of your posts with "[Oomph] ".

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

First search existing bugzillas to avoid duplication.

Then submit a bugzilla.

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